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Corporate training is a means of ensuring that employees improve skills and enhance their performance by focusing on professional development, new skills, advanced technologies, leadership traits, time management, communication, customer service, and interpersonal skills so that they can compete on corporate behalf in ever-changing markets. The corporate training not only confined to the large business houses, but it is seen as an essential catalyst to every corporate to understand the psychology of their employees and brings about changes in their behavior and attitude for their personal and professional growth. The companies, industry and corporate by offering courses and training workshops to their employees able to build strong teams within an organization and achieve their organizational aims. Ijona Academy bridges the competency gap and focuses on building a skilled and productive workforce to meet future challenges of worldwide corporate competitions and deliver highly skilled and well-trained professionals who completely meet your corporate requirements.We reinforce learning to use the latest technology experiential and collaborative activities and help your employees feel more productive.

[expander_maker id=”1″ more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]Confident and fulfilled at work and enable them to contribute towards a sustainable organizational productivity improvement.Ijona Academy has a focused strategy to address the needs of corporate customers to help them re-invent themselves & their organizations. We have a deep experience in working with Corporate from various industries which has enabled us to build mature process and quality training systems, to deliver the best value to our corporate customers.We at Ijona Academy offers various corporate training programs on language, voice and accent, business etiquette, cultural, customer service, attitude, motivation, public speaking, sales and retail, stress management, team building, time management, creative thinking, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, negotiation skills, influential skills, self empowerment, lateral thinking and many others. We have some major corporate as our clients.Our training mechanism is simple, innovative and effective. Our team of professionals ensures the quality and relevance of content and its delivery covers the practical and workable aspects.

Today, numerous corporate endeavor of continuous growth focuses on up gradation of skills of their workforce and the professional development of their employees which in turn leads to higher employee retention to meet requirements for global business. Our Corporate training programs encompass a wide range of skills that most organizations find an integral and necessary part of everyday business. We at ijona Academy focuses from basic communication skills to strategy and change management through our wide range of training programs to address every business need.Is your organization complex, and your training requirements are even more complex?? Ijona Academy understands exactly how to structure your training modules to achieve your goals through our experts who come from a strong background of knowledge, experience and skills to deliver an organized method of instructions through online or offline content, online or classroom training, mentoring, physical lab or practical projects. We offer corporate training at most reasonable and highly competitive rates, and we inspire people to bring forth change in them to aspire for growth and prosperity.[/expander_maker]

Group Training

Number doesn't matter.We have handled bulk trainings and the success rate is appreciated.We create program specific batches with undivided attention.


Project specific Training

Let us know about the project and we can design the content accordingly to get your employees skilled.


New Hire Training

We have experts who have invested themselves in helping learners to succeed in the relevant industry and personal life


Classroom Training

We can conduct regular classrooms at your location and deliver training that leaves a long-lasting impact on all your employees.


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Key Features

  • Content curated for you
  • Live Virtual classes
  • Mentoring by experts
  • Our Labs
  • Hands-on Projects
  • Lifetime access to Self-Paced videos
  • Help with industry projects


Corporate training is the process of improving industry specific job skills and knowledge of a company’s employees through an organized method of instruction through online or offline content, online or classroom training,mentoring,physical lab or  practical projects.
Development program contribute primarily to enhancing the employees’ skills and technical know-how. Job-related skills also help the workforce to perform their responsibilities better.
Content is developed in-house at par the industry by our experts.The content is designed according to your requirement.
  • The content for training is curated as per your requirement.
  •  Live Virtual classes
  •  Mentoring by experts
  •  Our Labs
  •  Hands-on Projects
  •  Lifetime access to Self-Paced videos
  •  Help with industry projects
  •  LMS dashboard which gives visibility and support to Managers
Our experts come from a strong background of knowledge and skills so as to deliver blended learning and development for all our learners.
There is no minimum team size requirement for the training.For more clarification on this please contact our support team.
We have a panel of experts from every industry.We can deliver from softskills to AI,anything you need training on will be curated for you by our experts
We send our experts at your location to deliver the training for your ease.

“Thank you for arranging this, It was the best seminar we’ve ever had! It was the most fun we’ve ever had at work training. I learned so much and loved listening to the StressDoc, the time went so fast, it was never boring! We loved “Ijona” for their service and would work with them again anytime.
I highly recommend them for team building exercises, improving staff collaboration and morale.
Thank you, Mark and Ijona Team!

“We are glad to say,the training provided by Ijona on Project Management helped us immensely.The trainer helped us even after the course was delivered with our projects.We are thankful to Ijona.”