Digital Marketing Certified Associate FAQs


Online classroom training or Live Virtual Classwork provides a classroom and an instructor capable of teaching you and peers from anywhere in the world. With today’s tools the experience is just as impactful as being in a class, with the ability to ask questions, share files, and participate in a class in the same manner as if one were in a real classroom – often with better tools than available in a traditional setting. Imagine being able to work with the trainer on a file, have the trainer highlight and notate the file, and then be able to receive a copy of that file and have multiple versions – just the question, the question with its answers, then with the valuable highlights and comments. Like a classroom discussion can get very lively, but also like a classroom, trainers experienced with online training are able to demonstrate leadership and management to focus energy on the topics, concepts and discussions at hand. Now consider this – can you get a recording of your traditional classroom experience in 8 to 12 hours? With online classroom training, this is considered a standard behavior.

The technical process may vary from online tool to online tool, but generally, your course dashboard may have a central location to download the recordings, once they’re available (within a few hours of the end of the class). In some instances, you may receive a link to the recording in an email.

We have scheduled demonstrations of our class experience from time to time; for event schedules, contact support or check our website here

Ijona enables people and businesses to navigate beyond Artificial Intelligence into Real Intelligence. This core value of of Ijona propagates into Digital Marketing Preparation to enable our participants to prepare not only for a credential or a job change, but a transformational change that employers and employees desire. The Digital Marketing preparation aspirant will be engaging not only the theory of how to navigate the theory and actions of receiving their PMP but using this in their jobs and lives as they master and integrate their skills. This mindset is built into the program and the mindset of the trainers, and part of every class.

A Digital Marketing professional can earn around $110,000 – $125,000 in the US, and 15-17 lakh rupees in India.