Past Webinars

Cracking the code – Understanding the PMP exam

11 OCTOBER 2019

What makes the PMP exam so tricky? Is it the topics? Is it the questions? Why does it have to be the way it is? Join Tim Jerome in the analysis of the exam, the details available, and strategies for preparing for such an exam.

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Pursuit of Project Management – how to take advantage of recent changes in the PMBOK Guide, the Exam Content Outline, and other PMI documents

16 OCTOBER 2019

The PMBOK Guide was released in 2017. A new exam content outline has been released this June. What is new about these documents? What does it say for the direction of Project Management? Join Tim Jerome in an overview and discussion of the major documents that shape and define Project Management.

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The Code of Ethics and- its impact on the PMP exam

19 OCTOBER 2019

The PMI code of ethics shapes the PMP exam and the responses on its questions. Everyone applying for the exam commits to this code. Why? How does it shape the questions and the exam? Can we use this code of ethics and its knowledge to understand the PMP exam and gain confidence in gaining our PMP? Tim Jerome will lead us in this thought-provoking discussion to further help us understand the value of the PMP, the reason for the Exam, and how it and the code supports our professional and life plans.

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Hidden Secrets of the PMBOK

26 OCTOBER 2019

There are secret and not-so-secret kernels of wisdom in the PMBOK. Hidden patterns and connections are waiting to be discovered. They teach us not only the technical details of how the PM Process Framework does its magic but the various tasks a Project Manager performs. What are they? How can you look for and find them yourself?

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Integrating the PMBOK into our Work

29 OCTOBER 2019

We all understand that the PMBOK is good practice, but some of us understand the true value of processes and interactions that we learn through PMP exam preparation. How do we take this knowledge and bring it into our daily work? How do we get approval to make the changes in the way we manage projects, and when we are the Director, how do we transform the organization by integrating good Project Management practice?

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The PMP Exam – what makes it tricky?

19 November 2019

The PMP exam is known for its ‘trickiness’; in this webinar we talk about the variations of trickiness and how we can prepare. Are you up to the task? Are you curious? Tune in, share your thoughts and ask questions – we have the answers.

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