Resume Builder

Resume Builder

Ijona Academy helps your journey from learning to the day you get a job and beyond that as your constant career partner.We create industry specific resume for you that gives you an upper-hand in your search.

Know what you are applying for and we help are here to help:

Why a great resume is important?

  • Every job post attracts 250 resumes. Of those candidates, 4 to 6 will get called for an interview, and only one will get the job.
  • Recruiters take an average of 6 seconds to scan a resume
  • 80% Resumes get rejected within 11 sec
  • 44% of recent grads found it difficult or extremely difficult to find a job.
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Resume acts as a bridge between you and the prospective recruiter. Hence the importance of a resume can never be underestimated. So, to make the first impression it is imperative that your resume stands out from the crowd first. Resume helps you.

  • Sell your skills
  • Brand yourself
  • Show your achievements
  • Summarize your aspirations
  • Grab an interview

We're helping professionals to grow.